Web Design

Flash Animation Design

Click the link: http://www.tokyo25.com/flashGallery/flash.html. It will take you to a page to present flash animations as well as my drawing and sketching skills. You can click a play button, navigation and thumbnails on the flash gallery page to see all of animations and drawings. Enjoy! Check back often to more flash movies.

Web Design

I am currently redesigning and restructuring Specialty Gamer.

Click the link to see my work: http://tokyo25.com/specialty_gamer/

More work is needed before my version goes live, but check back often for the latest updates.

This project was created for Odyssey Chairs. The client’s goals are to present high-end and luxury products to the consumer utilizing its website. The logo was provided by the instructor. I created and designed all of the other assets.

Image references
Swan chair http://www.arne-jacobsen.com/en/arne-jacobsen.aspx
Diamond chair http://www.knoll.com/products/product.jsp?prod_id=569
Bertoia Diamond, with Shadow
Panton chair http://www.bonluxat.com/a/Verner_Panton_Panton_Chair.html
Wassily chair http://www.thecoolist.com/wassily-chair-by-marcel-breuer/
Barcelona chair http://cart.1929.co.uk/index.php?p=product&id=1&parent=1
Grand comfort http://www.ohthemodernity.com/blog/grand-confort-chair-by-le-corbusier/
Bar stool http://www.fiveplydesign.com/
Ghost chair http://www.everythingsimple.com/2965/history-of-ghost-chairs/

Space Needle in Seattle


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